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In the 3D realm this description section is meant to be quick and short! Well, I go against all rules because I never want my products to be JUST A SALE! I want it to change your life! So, Sit tight... If you are led to stick with me.

"Developing the Inner Core" is something that I take seriously! It is important that you innerstand Who You Are & What You Are Feeling. Honoring your Chakras is a good place to start! Why? Because the Chakras are at the center of your body where major nerve points meet. You may call it your spine. I choose to call it your Divine connection to Spirit! It is your power line! There are 7 of them.

The goal is to have all 7 Chakras in perfect alignment. Perfect alignment means:

We innerstand our Divine purpose
We are connected to receive Divine Messages from Spirit
Keeps us connected to the Source
Let's talk about the first energy center. The Root Chakra!


Connected to Smell (Earth) Red
It is the closet to the earth itself
It is has everything to do with your survival
Safety, Support, & Connection
What are your beliefs of self?
What are your Spiritual beliefs?
How do you feel about yourself. Self esteem
Basic Needs
The need to be accepted or loved
Since this oil is for the Root Chakra let's talk about the potential reasons that the Root Chakra may be experiencing blockages. The way I learned to figure out where I was blocked was by observing what was happening in my life.

WHEN BLOCKED- You may feel paranoid, fearful, procrastination, out of control, anxious, self doubting, discouraged, defensive, etc

If you feel this way, It is OK! This is something that can happen constantly. But the trick I found was that in order to recover and restore I had to learn how to transmute energy. I then learned how to take the energy I didn't like and manifest the energy that I wanted. And please be kind to yourself. Do not say you do not know what you want to feel. Reach for the contrasting energy. If you feel unsafe then decree that " I AM SAFE!"


Physical activities are a great start! Hug a tree, go out in nature, do some Yoga, connect to the earth with your feet (grounding), move your body. My favorite is grounding!

How can you implement this oil?

I suggest applying this oil to the bottom of your feet. Ask Spirit to allow you to connect to the basics of life! Go out in nature as much as possible. Take your shoes off and think about the soles of your feet being rooted, connected, and attached to the energy of the Earth. You are a tree! This is very important! You can think of your own method! This is just my way!

The oil can also be used in candle magick. All you have to do is apply the oil to a red candle. Massage it in with great intention to connect to Earth and your roots. Imagine that you are supported and connected to the Source of all that is! Call in all that you need for support and courage. Anoint the candle and burn it knowing that all is well!

Contrary to what you may believe you have the ability to connect to yourself! I love you! This has been intuitively written to help whoever made it to this point:)

Ingredients: Rose Hip, Hibiscus, Sandalwood, Cloves, Cinnamon Bark, Essential Oil Blend, Olive Oil

This bottle is blessed and intentionally charged to encourage grounding!

~2 oz Bottle

~Red Chime Candle (3)

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