"I Affirm Me" I AM Anointing Oil

  • "I Affirm Me" I AM Anointing Oil

"I Affirm Me" I AM Anointing Oil



Anoint your head with oil and walk in your greatness!!

Ingredients: Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender Herbal infused olive and coconut oil. Meditative Herbs, Crystals

Spirit ordained every trial, tribulation, heartbreak, and pain for my good! One day, 4 years ago I experienced what seemed to be the most dreadFULL time of my life. I was so disconnected with my soul that I couldn’t fathom how it could be my greatest gift!

My “Dark Night Of The Soul” experience came to save me. Once Spirit intervened I was able to change my perspective about life. Perspective is the game changer! I realized that I had the power to AFFIRM ME!

I gave myself permission to have peace and it was an amazing awakening. I asked myself, “What is the value of your peace?” With great intention I wanted to innerstand what that meant and more than anything I wanted to know what PEACE felt like! So, I anointed myself with oil and I began to speak affirmations over my life! I prayed and meditated with intention to connect to my soul for the first time in my life.  I didn't know what that meant but I knew what I wanted was beyond me!

One day when I least expected it - My life took a DRASTIC turn. Spirit said, Your new name is Dacia “I Am”. At the Time I felt very puzzled and confused because I didn’t feel worthy to put I AM after my name.

The next day I said, “I get IT!!

I AM stands for - I Affirm ME! If I have the power to Affirm Me then that means I AM!” From that day forward I gave thanks and I continued to say it until I knew that I  was all that I needed. There was no need to live behind the name of anyone else. I matter because I AM!!!

So, Calling myself Dacia “I Am” is not a brand. It is a representation of the healing that DACIA had to do. I affirm me and I want you to know that you can affirm yourself too! When Spirit told me to create this I Am, Affirming Oil, I was quite surprised! Just like the same way I felt 4 years ago when I was told that I matter! Now, every time Spirit calls me to do something MORE I feel like I am in a new dimension. Sometimes it so surreal to hear the words of Spirit so clearly yet I am ALWAYS greatFULL!

I traveled with patience to create this 5th Dimensional Anointing oil. I didn’t take it lightly because anointing ourselves is sacred business and we have to be clear when crafting Sacred Magick!

You have the power to anoint yourself because you are I AM! 

I Am - BeLive IT!
I Am Allowed to love myself! - BeLive IT!
I Am Worthy! - BeLive IT!
I Am Confident!- BeLive IT!
I Am Wonderfully Made - BeLive IT!
I Am Purpose - BeLiveIT!

What is YOUR intention?
BeLive IT! You Matter!

*Electroformed intention bottle not included. Please message me for a consultation to get your copper intuitive bottle.