Who Is Dacia "I AM"

I believe my story is proof that we never lose our gifts - we merely find them after we remove what is no longer serving us! Emergence defines me! I took all that was tragic in my past and found my authentic self through creating! In fact, art was not even something I looked for - Art found me! I was at the lowest place in my life and listened to the voice of Spirit to buy paint  and paint brushes!  Needless to say the rest is Divine  

I was then led to create I Am - "I Affirm Me" Art on November 12, 2016. Through prayer and meditation, I have learned to follow the direction of  Spirit to Intuitively create. 

I take energy transference very seriously because Spirit directed me to only create PEACE!  My jewelry is intentionally called "peaces".  I mindfully create using organic crystals and stones wired in high vibrational copper.  My passion is creating PEACE through Electroforming. 

Electroforming is an intricate process of fusing copper onto another medium where a low voltage charge is passed through the materials to create a relief that becomes a separate part in its own right. A simpler way to describe it - copper plated on top of copper. Copper is the ultimate energy conductor.  In the ancient world, a metalsmith would associate planets with various metals, especially copper. 

My  calling is also to inspire and uplift all those I connect with. "I Am" an artist, a creator, a teacher, a channeler, a medium, and an energy conduit! In every life time I will help those who are called to me to transcend. My appointment is to remind others of their Life Divine Purpose.  Spirit said that I Am Akashic Evidence a reminder of universal  galactic love energy! 

Give thanks! With great love I am glad you are here! I believe in Divine connections and it is no coincidence that you are here!