I am an Alchemist Electroforming Jewelry Designer. I love to create Peace with metal! I specialize in custom peaces for healers, practitioners, high vibe wearers, and those who are wanting to heal infusing galactic energy.

I fine tune each peace with the hertz frequency according to what my client needs.My goal is to charge each peace to the energy of Om through the Electroforming process. I energetically infuse the crystals into or on conductive metal! Yes, science is involved here! This is an intricate process that takes Sacred time with Spirit, meditation, channeling, and ebb and flow!

I create prosperity peaces, protection peaces, love peaces, fertility peaces, and more!

I would be more than happy to create for you. All of my customs start with this consultation so that we can connect co-create together. My peaces are self love investments so co-creating with you is imperative! I want to know what you desire, want, and need based off of who YOU are.

So, if you are ready I “Am” too! I will contact you directly to schedule.