Hawthorn Berry Tincture

  • Hawthorn Berry Tincture
Hawthorn Berry Tincture Hawthorn Berry Tincture

Hawthorn Berry Tincture



I encourage you to do a little research on the web about this herb or tincture before you make your purchase. Consult a trusted physician before use. 

1 oz Dropper Bottle

Ratio is 1:1 Made with Organic 100 Proof Alcohol. Infused for a minimum of 3 Full Moons.  

Most effective when taken on an empty stomach 15 minutes before eating.

Contains alcohol.

How to use: 
Herbal extract tinctures are taken .5 - .75 ml under the tongue once or twice a day on an empty stomach 15 minutes before eating. For those who don't like the taste of extract tinctures, adding the dose to a tablespoon of water or juice is an excellent means of administration. Shake well before using. Store in a dark, dry place. No refrigeration necessary.

Herbs need time to build and be maintained in the system, so please give your product at least 2 - 3 weeks for full results.


DISCLAIMER: This product is blended by me and it has not been evaluated by the FDA. The ingredient information provided is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. The information provided is not intended to represent or replace the advice of a medical professional. The buyer is responsible for testing for allergies and spot test products 24 hours before using them. Stop using immediately if an allergic reaction, redness or irritation occurs. I am not responsible for the misuse or reactions to my products. Usage is always at the buyer's own risk. Please reach out to a professional for any possible contraindications and/or interactions with medications. Always inform your doctor about all herbal remedies or supplements you are taking.